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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Sports Games! You'll find no less than 332 different Sports Games, such as Douchebag Workout 2 & Basket Champs.?

Play a Vast Collection of Free Sports Games at FunnyGames!

Here at FunnyGames, we’ve got a huge collection of sports games covering just about any sport you can think of! Go on and have a browse to find your favourite sports. We’ve got everything from soccer games to extreme sports and the Winter Olympics. Do you have a competitive streak? Pick your athlete or your favourite team and head out to the field to start playing! Get ready for some action!

Experience the Most Popular and Exciting Online Sports Games

The most popular sports game genre is football, and in our collection you’ll find a huge amount of football championship and penalty shootout games. Other popular genres include basketball games and golf. Both are based around your ability to aim carefully so you can get the ball to go exactly where you want it. In our tennis and other racket sports games, you’ll have to run back and forth to return your opponent’s ball. Do you have the endurance to keep up? You can try to beat the computer, or select a multiplayer sports game if you want to compete against other people.

Try All Kinds of Fun Sports Games and Cool Sports Activities

We’ve got lots of other amazing indoor and outdoor activities in store for you as well! How about a game of hockey, or cricket? You can hit the water and try to set a top performance in a surfing competition swimming race, or try to win all the trophies in a range of different snow sports. Or how about participating in a game of pool, or playing some rounds of bowling? No matter what sports you’re into, we’ve got just the games for you!

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