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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Racing Games! You'll find no less than 203 different Racing Games, such as Rally Racer & City Car Stunt 2.?

Amazing Online Racing Games to Play for Free

Join the most intensive car races and other racing sport rallies with our amazing collection of online racing games. From crazy kart races to death-defying trial races against the clock. From speeding taxis to 3D off-road racing and Formula 1 games, FunnyGames has it all. We've got a cool selection of stunt Jumping games, motorcycle racers, and big truck and monster car trials. We've also got speed boat competitions, horse racing games, and BMX championships. However, the most popular racing games of all are car racing adventures. Whether it's the NASCAR circuit, the Grand Prix motor sports races, or some night-time drag racing you're after, you'll find it here at FunnyGames!

Types of Car Racing Games

Ever since the invention of the car, humans have organised automobile races. Initially, when the car was a very new invention, car racing was mostly about proving that a vehicle was fast, practical, and safe to use. It wasn't so much a matter of covering the distance to the finish line first, it was largely about demonstrating that your car was capable of making it there at all! The earliest cars even looked more like motorised carriages than the modern vehicles we see today. Later, once driving cars became more established as a reliable mode of transport, the focus of car races shifted to manufacturers being able to show off the endurance and power of their engines. Around the 1930s, brands had begun to develop cars specifically for the purpose of car racing competitions. Since then, automobile racing has split into all kinds of categories that differentiate between road-legal cars and purpose-built prototypes, closed-wheel sports cars, and the technologically sophisticated open-wheel models of the Formula races. Pick the car types you like best and experience the thrill for yourself!

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