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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Stunt Games! You'll find no less than 30 different Stunt Games, such as City Car Stunt 2 & Moto X3M Pool Party.?

Play a Huge Collection of Free Stunt Games Online at FunnyGames

Here at FunnyGames, you can play a huge collection of amazing stunt driver games involving motorcycles, cars, quads, bikes, scooters, and more! Speed through the loops and twists with your vehicle. Race up the ramps with your rider and attempt to gain as much height as possible for your jumps. Leap into the air once you clear the top of the ramp, and perform all kinds of extreme stunts. If you’re driving a motorbike, you can lift yourself from the saddle and throw your legs back to do ‘The Superman’. Make sure you pull yourself back into the seat before you land though! Your stunts will only count for points if you manage to land them correctly.

Enjoy a Selection of Thrilling Stunt Driver Games with Cars, Bikes, and More

Drive your car or quad around the arena and clear all the obstacles by flying through the air. If you have enough time, you can try to do some flips and other tricks as well to score extra points. We’ve got bike stunt games in which you can do wheelies and daring freestyle jumps, and stunt games in which you’re putting on a spectacular show for a cheering audience. We also have a number of amazing 3D stunt driving games in which you can race through a set of fantastic stunt parks using a great selection of sports cars and other vehicles. Are your ready for some death-defying action? Grab the wheel or the handlebars and wow your audience with the craziest jumps with our collection of addicting online stunt games!

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