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Fore! Swing your club on the online green and enjoy a relaxing game of golf. Place the little white ball on the tee and send it flying across the green with a perfect swing. Your objective is to shoot the ball into the hole using as few turns as possible. The best possible achievement is to score a hole-in-one. However, the course is full of obstacles – these are called ‘hazards’ – that are designed to make things difficult for you! If you’re most interested in playing golf, continue on. For our obstacle-filled minigolf titles, check out our minigolf games catalogue.

Origins of golfing

Because there are many ball games that could have been a precursor to the sport, there is some debate as to the origins of golf. However, modern golf as it is played today originated in Scotland, and the first 18-hole golf course was created in 1764 at the Old Course in the coastal town of St Andrews. Golf became so popular in 15th century Scotland that king James II banned it to keep young men from being distracted from learning other skills such as archery. A little over 50 years later though, one of his successors, James IV, lifted the ban after he took up golf himself and became an enthusiastic player.

Golf Course

A golf course is made up of various areas where specific moves may take place, and elements that pose challenges to the player. The teeing ground is where the game begins. Players can pin their tee in the tee box, place their ball on top to elevate it from the ground for a clear shot, and strike the ball to commence play. The ball must cross a grassy area called the fairway. While the grass here is even and short, the fairway is surrounded by bushy areas called roughs, and contains a number of hazards such as water features and sandy bunkers that can trap the ball. Surrounding the flagstick and the hole is the putting green. This is an area for very precise striking in the last phase of the course, where the ground is very even and the green is even more closely trimmed.

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Choose a game and warm up for a powerful swing to tee off. If you’re looking for more sports to play, don’t forget to check out our sports games page and our ball games collection as well!


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