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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Cooking Games! You'll find no less than 65 different Cooking Games, such as Papa's Freezeria & Papa's Cupcakeria.?

Learn to Cook by Playing the Best Cooking Games Online

Learn amazing new recipes with our free online cooking games. Have fun in the kitchen preparing delicious meals and desserts alongside your favorite cartoon characters. Have a browse and pick the type of cooking challenge you want to play. Do you prefer preparing healthy dinners, or would you rather live off ice cream and cake? Do you fancy yourself a master chef, or are you likely to burn anything you try to bake? If you don’t know much about cooking, you’ve come to the right place to learn. Take cooking classes with Emma, Sarah, Barbie, Princess Elsa, and lots of other friendly characters and you’ll be an expert chef in no time!

Play Fun Cooking Games for Kids and Become a Master Chef

Take a good look at the recipe and pick the right ingredients to chop up. Season the meat and fire up the grill. Choose the right utensils and mix together the ingredients for a tasty sauce. Leafy salads with healthy vegetables are good for you and are easy to prepare. Indian cuisine, real Italian pasta, spicy Thai dishes, and French pastries are a bit more challenging, but you can do it! Rummage around in the spice cabinet, fridge, and cupboards to find everything you need. Once you’ve prepared your meal, you can choose a cake or cookie baking game and fix up a delicious dessert, too! Slide your cookies into the oven while you eat your dinner and you’ll have freshly-baked cookies enjoy after. No more microwave meals for you! Now that you have the skills, you can try cooking some lovely food at home with your friends and family too! Have fun playing!

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