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Here, you’ll find lots of addictive arcade games, from the classics to brand new titles. But what exactly are arcade games? Long before the use of home computers and game consoles was so widespread, back in the 1970s and 1980s, if you wanted to play computer games and had a couple of quarters to spare, you’d go to the local arcade hall. Here you could play pinball, redemption games, and coin-operated video games.

Modern arcade games

Classics from the golden age of arcade games include famous titles like Space Invaders and Pac-Man, but more recent games such as Street Fighter and Dance Dance Revolution can also be counted among the influential arcade hits. Modern arcade games adapted for the online market include games inspired by such titles, as well as those that try to emulate the skill-based game mechanics and the often frantic pace of the arcade originals. Check out our arcade classics page to play our collection of old-time arcade favourites.

Arcade games: The fight is on!

Many popular fighting games found their origins in the arcade halls. You could play these games on big, boxed screens with a joystick and buttons after inserting a few coins, and battle to the bitter end against the computer or your friends. Street Fighter, Mortal Combat, Tekken - all of these games originally saw the light as arcade titles. It was only later that these games and their sequels were reimagined for home consoles. You can play arcade fighting games here at FunnyGames without sacrificing your small change. Head over to our arcade fighting page to duke it out with your favourite characters.

Arcade games: Drive, drive, drive!

Racing games are another mainstay of arcade gaming. What could be more fun than sliding behind the wheel of a race car? In arcade halls, racing games often come with a race car chair, and a steering wheel and accelerator and brake pedals to control your vehicle. Can you cross the finish line first in our arcade driving games? Start the game, push down the throttle, and make sure you don’t crash!

Arcade games: Shoot to kill

Based on shooting gallery games, rail shooters have long been a key feature of the arcade genre. Using a gun-shaped pointing device called a light gun, you can point, aim and shoot down your opponents. If you love shooter arcade games, be sure to check out the wide variety of titles included on our arcade shooting page!

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