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On FunnyGames.org you'll find the best collection of Boat Games! You'll find no less than 14 different Boat Games, such as Boat Drive & Speedy Boats.?

Play a Range of Amazing Boat Games Online at FunnyGames

All aboard! At FunnyGames, we’ve got a huge selection of fun boat games for you to play. You can pilot a yacht, ferry passengers in your vessel, participate in a sailing or rowing regatta, or fight exciting boat battles. Whether you want to handle a giant cruise ship with a large crew, or float down the river by your lonesome in a small fishing boat, you’ll find all the best free-to-play boat games on this catalogue page!

Enjoy our Collection of Exciting Boat Racing Games and Boat Battle Games

Try one of our many boat racing games and glide through the water in your speed boat or sailing boat. Dodge the rocks and sail around the buoys before you loop back and speed toward the finish. In our boat battle games speed and manoeuvrability are also of the essence as you avoid enemy fire. Try to sail close to your enemies to gain an advantageous position and blast them out of the water with your cannons in our single-player and multiplayer pirate and military themed naval combat games.

Learn a New Skill in our Challenging Boat Parking Games

We also have a collection of fun boat parking games in which you have to try to motor your boat to the dock without crashing. Pilot your ships through the crowded harbour and avoid the other boats. Find the right spot and carefully manoeuvre your vessel alongside or between the wooden dock piers so that you can moor your ship. Have fun playing these and many other great boat games for free online!


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